Measuring Word Problems

Using Word Problems in Measurement

Use this worksheet to practice word problems. 

Why is it important for kids to practice solving word problems?

Word problems, which are also called “story problems,” are an important part of math education because they give students a chance to use their math knowledge and skills in a real-world setting. Math isn’t just a set of abstract rules and procedures. Instead, it’s a tool that can be used to solve real-life problems and make decisions.

Word problems also help kids learn important skills like how to solve problems and think critically. To solve a word problem, kids must first understand what the problem is asking for and then figure out which math operation(s) to use. They also need to be able to carefully read and understand the problem and decide what information is important and what is not.

Word problems also help kids learn to read and understand what they read because they have to read the problem carefully and figure out what the words and ideas mean. This can also help them learn new words and improve their language skills.


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