Could It Be More Than Just Misbehavior?

As parents, we often encounter phases when our children seem more challenging than usual. They might struggle with paying attention, act out, or seem unusually energetic compared to their peers. While these behaviors can be typical of any child’s development at times, consistent patterns of such behaviors might need a closer look.

Innovative Strategies for Integrating Technology into Traditional Math Lessons

In the digital age, the integration of technology into educational practices has become not just a novelty but a necessity. As educators, our goal is to prepare students for a world that is increasingly reliant on technology, not only for communication and entertainment but for solving complex problems and facilitating innovation.

Technology is Transforming How We Learn

In 2023, the convergence of artificial intelligence (AI), gamification, and technology in education has been transformative, reshaping the learning experience for students and educators alike. Alongside platforms like and specific education-related learning apps, YouTube has emerged as a powerful force in altering the way people consume information and learn.

California’s Budget Challenges: Impact on Schools & Strategies

The recent Fiscal Outlook by The Legislative Analyst’s Office for the state disclosed that a severe revenue drop in 2022-23 has resulted in a substantial budget deficit of $68 billion. According to current state law and policy, the Legislature must address this deficit in the upcoming budget process.

California Governor Gavin Newsom could opt to declare a fiscal emergency to address the budget shortfall, granting access to $24 billion from previously accumulated budget surpluses.

Nurturing Success: A Journey into Vex Robotics with a School Robotics Team

In September of 2023, I found myself faced with a unique challenge – keeping our school robotics team alive. With a limited budget and no available school staff volunteers, the future of our Vex Robotics Team hung in the balance. Little did I know, this experience would turn into a remarkable journey of collaboration, learning, and success.

10 Tips to Help Students Stay Organized for the Start of School

Student raising her hand during online class.

Starting a new school year can be exciting and overwhelming at the same time. With new classes, schedules, assignments, and activities, students need to stay organized to set themselves up for success. Here are ten tips to help students start the school year off on the right foot:

Setting up a study schedule is essential for managing your time well. Encourage students to make a weekly schedule with time set aside for each subject and for activities outside of school.

A First Grade Coding Story

Elementary School Kids coding in Grade 1

Teaching kids to code has become an important part of elementary school, where young minds are like sponges ready to soak up new information. In a 1st grade classroom close to the busy learning halls, an experienced teacher started a coding journey that would improve her students’ academic and personal lives.

Captain’s Coming – Classroom Management Exercise

Drill Team

Classroom management starts when a class gets picked up from the yard in the morning. I have seen many teachers go to their class lineup area, tell the kids to follow, and then proceed to turn around and lead them back to class without ever turning around to see how students behave in line.

Back to School Name Tag – A Day 1 Activity

Teacher and students in front of chalkboard that says Back To School

As a teacher, one of my most important jobs is to make sure that every student feels welcome and respected in the classroom. This is especially important on the first day of school when students meet their teachers and classmates for the first time. For a fun and interactive way to start the school year, we have come up with a unique name tag challenge that helps students remember each other’s names and improves their critical thinking and problem-solving skills. So, let’s get started with the Back to School Name Tag Challenge Day 1 lesson plan.

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