The Story of EdThings.com and Mr. S. – EdThings


The 1990’s – 

I am at the right age to have seen the internet grow up with me.  I remember building my first website in college in the late 1990s.  In 1998, I became an elementary school teacher in Los Angeles, and here we are 24 years later, and I am still enjoying being a teacher.  I find real joy in helping others.  I believe that if I help others, my life will have greater purpose and satisfaction. 

The 2000’s – 

In many ways, I feel like I just missed the internet boat.  In the early 2000s, before Amazon was what it is today, I built an Amazon affiliate site that would pull products from Amazon and load them on my site.  I even got a phone call from Amazon asking how I did it.  That said, I am not a computer programmer.  I found a script online and tweaked it to help build the site.  Rather than make the Amazon site, I wish I had just invested in Amazon back then.

In 2003, I finished my master’s degree in Education (M.Ed.). 

2008 –  I started my first education-related blog called MathAndEnglishWorksheets.com.  I was very proud of this website because I could use coding to have the site create dynamic worksheets that I used with my class.

In 2017, I went back to school and got an administrative credential. This credential allows me to look for jobs in school leadership, like Principal or Vice Principal. 

During most breaks from school, I start a project.  I have built eCommerce stores, blogs, and even math worksheet generators. I’ve had a few YouTube channels that have not been very successful.  Part of the problem is that I have jumped from project to project without having the tenacity to see them through to success.  Over the years, I have spent a lot of money on these various projects with little to show for it, except for the satisfaction that I always tried to build things online with the hope of helping others. 

2022 – EdThings.com Begins

For the past few years, I’ve had a blog to which I added a few resources for parents and students in my class.  

In November 2022, a fellow teacher asked where I get my math worksheets from, and I told her that I generate them from my class website.  She asked the site’s name, and I was a little embarrassed to tell her.  At that moment, I realized I didn’t even like the domain name of the class resource site.

A few weeks later, while I was watching my favorite college football team lose in an important game.  I grabbed my computer and started looking for domain names.  This is when I found the name EdThings.com.  I immediately got a rush of excitement because I felt that this name covered a wide area of topics that summed up a lot about me and what I have always enjoyed doing online.

With newfound inspiration, I got hosting on December 3rd, 2022, and EdThings.com was born.  I took some of the work I have done on past sites and applied it to EdThings.  The mission of the site is to provide educational resources.  I am hopeful that people will find the website useful;  a friend has already contacted me and told me that they found the site extremely useful for their second-grader.

If the site gains traffic, some attempt at monetization will likely occur.  The goal would be to recoup some of the money I’ve spent over the years on this hobby.  If it doesn’t become widely used, I still feel good about it, as at least one person has found it helpful.

Thank you,

Mr. S – EdThings

Do you find the site helpful?  Have a thought you’d like to share?  Email me at Info @ EdThings.com I would love to get feedback and perhaps even share positive testimonials on the site.