Tips To Using Gofund Me to Raise Money For Your Classroom

Teachers often pay up to $1,000 per year for classroom supplies. I know a teacher spends over $3,000 yearly on her classroom. It’s unfair that teachers must pay for their student’s academic resources. Fundraising can be utilized for classroom materials, after-school programs, field trips, and more. Websites like GoFundMe, and Donors Choose help teachers raise […]

Create A Reading Log with Google Forms

How to Create a Reading Log with Google Forms

This post includes a video that shows how to create a reading log using Google Forms. The post details how my class has moved away from using reading logs …

How to Use Noise Canceling

I have kids who are sometimes loud in the background. works great to filter out this background noise while I am in meetings or while recording videos

How to Use Google Voice for Teachers

Google Voice For Teachers

I strongly advise teachers to make use of Google Voice. In our classes at my school, we do not have access to telephones. If we need to contact parents

How Make Schoology Look Nice

Make Schoology Look Nice

How to make buttons for schoology on the homepage of your course It doesn’t take much at all to create these buttons but it’s not super intuitive.  I had to search around the internet to learn how to do this when I first got started. Step 1:  Click Add Materials Then Click Page Step 2: […]

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