10 Tips to Help Students Stay Organized for the Start of School

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Starting a new school year can be exciting and overwhelming at the same time. With new classes, schedules, assignments, and activities, students need to stay organized to set themselves up for success. Here are ten tips to help students start the school year off on the right foot:

Setting up a study schedule is essential for managing your time well. Encourage students to make a weekly schedule with time set aside for each subject and for activities outside of school.

Captain’s Coming – Classroom Management Exercise

High school drill team performing in uniform on a football field.

Classroom management starts when a class gets picked up from the yard in the morning. I have seen many teachers go to their class lineup area, tell the kids to follow, and then proceed to turn around and lead them back to class without ever turning around to see how students behave in line.

Back to School Name Tag – A Day 1 Activity

Teacher standing with six smiling students in front of a chalkboard that says 'Back to School.

As a teacher, one of my most important jobs is to make sure that every student feels welcome and respected in the classroom. This is especially important on the first day of school when students meet their teachers and classmates for the first time. For a fun and interactive way to start the school year, we have come up with a unique name tag challenge that helps students remember each other’s names and improves their critical thinking and problem-solving skills. So, let’s get started with the Back to School Name Tag Challenge Day 1 lesson plan.

Why is it important to teach Physical Education (PE) to the standards?

Two children playing basketball on an outdoor court. The child is attempting to shoot while the adult is blocking. The scene is set under trees with purple blossoms and clear blue skies in the background.

Physical Education (PE) isn’t just a break from normal classroom work; it’s also a big part of how young minds and bodies grow and change. In California, the grade school Physical Education (PE) standards have been set by the Department of Education. These guidelines have been carefully made to make sure that kids get a complete and age-appropriate PE experience that helps them grow physically, socially, and mentally.

Age 5: Time to Start Learning to Read

A young child reads a book.

Reading is a skill that gives you access to a world of information, ideas, and opportunities. It’s important for success in today’s information-driven world because it lays the groundwork for learning throughout life. Even though every kid learns in a different way, most people agree that 5 is a good age to start formal reading instruction. Why is 5 years old a good age to start teaching kids to read? What are the benefits of starting early?

Educational Video Creation: Harnessing Visual Learning

A woman sets up a camera for video.

Mr. Beast, the renowned YouTube Creator, shared valuable advice on improving video-making skills, suggesting that the key to success is simply to start creating videos. His wisdom lies in making a hundred videos while consciously focusing on enhancing one aspect with each new creation. By the time you reach your 100th video, you will have honed your skills and become proficient at producing high-quality content.

Engaging Lessons: Unlock Curiosity with Essential Questions

Use Essential Questions when Lesson Planning

Are you tired of boring and uninteresting lesson plans that leave your students disengaged and uninterested? If this is the case, it is time to harness the power of curiosity and unlock the potential of critical questions. Nurturing curiosity in the classroom is more vital than ever in today’s fast-paced and ever-changing environment. Essential questions have the power to arouse awe, encourage critical thinking, and spark meaningful dialogues. Teachers …

Overcoming the Teacher Burnout Crisis

The Teacher Burnout Crisis

The teaching profession is in crisis.  Teacher burnout is at an all-time high, and very few teachers are happy with their jobs.  I’ve noticed that teachers have to do more every year, but it doesn’t always seem like school leaders know how much they have to do.

8 Powerful Whiteboard Tools to Enhance Online Learning

Image for '8 Powerful Whiteboard Tools to Enhance Online Learning' with the title in large, bold font occupying the top half of the image. The background shows a virtual classroom with a teacher and students using devices displaying whiteboard apps with colorful elements like sticky notes, drawings, and diagrams. The color scheme is bright with warm tones.

Discover the top 8 powerful whiteboard tools that can transform your online learning experience. This guide explores the best apps, including Miro, Jamboard, and Microsoft Whiteboard, which offer features like real-time collaboration, multimedia integration, and seamless platform support. Whether you need tools for brainstorming, planning, or interactive lessons, these apps are designed to enhance engagement and improve teaching efficiency. Find out how to integrate these tools into your online classes, compare their key features, and choose the best one for your needs. Stay ahead with innovative solutions for dynamic and effective online education.