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A classroom scene where students are using digital tablets displaying fractions, and hands-on fraction manipulatives such as pizza slices to learn about fractions. Two teachers are engaging with the students while various educational posters about fractions are displayed on the walls.

How to Use Manipulatives for Fractions

>When it comes to understanding fractions, fraction manipulatives can make learning engaging and effective. As an award-winning teacher, I’ve seen how these tools help students grasp complex concepts. Fraction manipulatives are physical or digital tools that provide a hands-on, visual way for students to explore fractions. Research shows they enhance understanding by helping students visualize the part-to-whole relationship, compare and order fractions, and perform operations like addition and subtraction. Tips for effective use include starting with concrete tools, connecting to real-life situations, and providing guided practice. By incorporating manipulatives into your teaching, you can make abstract concepts more concrete and help students build a strong foundation in mathematics.

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Image for 'Comparing 18 Top Math Programs for Schools' with a large, prominently displayed title at the top. The background features a classroom scene with students and teachers using various math programs. Icons representing math programs, such as books, graphs, and calculators, are displayed around the classroom. The color scheme is bright and engaging with contrasting colors.

Comparing 18 Top Math Programs for Schools

Choosing the right math program is crucial for schools to provide high-quality education. This article compares 18 leading math programs for schools, highlighting their curriculum structure, teaching methodologies, alignment with standards, special features, and integration with IXL. Discover which curriculum fits best with your educational goals and enhance student learning and achievement. Popular programs like Eureka Math, Illustrative Mathematics, and Big Ideas Math are evaluated to help educators make informed decisions. Dive into our detailed analysis to find the best fit for your school.

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Colorful pencils in a holder with books, an apple, glasses, and an alarm clock on a desk, with a blurred student in the background.

How Changing Math Books Impacts the Classroom

My school is changing the math textbook series that we use for daily instruction from Eureka Math to IM Math (Illustrative Math). I have noticed that we change books every 5 to 7 years.

Switching from one math textbook series to another, such as from Eureka Math to IM Math, can impact students, but the extent of that impact will depend on several factors. Here are some considerations:

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Deck of blue-backed playing cards on a green surface for the card game "Math War."

“Math War” – A Fun and Educational Card Game

Are you ready to embark on a thrilling mathematical journey that will sharpen your math skills and ignite your competitive spirit? If so, get your deck of cards ready because we’re about to delve into the captivating world of “Math War” – a classic card game with a twist!

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Girl working on math.

10 Fun Ways to Engage and Enjoy Math with Your Child

Math can be fun and innovative, but kids often think of it as boring or hard. As parents, we have the power to change our kids’ minds about math and make it fun and interesting for them. By including fun and engaging tasks in their learning, we can help them develop a positive view of math that will help them for the rest of their …

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