What elementary school kids need to go back to school

Back To School
Backpacks are important for school. Make sure your child's name is on anything that can be lost.

As summer ends, it’s time to start getting ready for the new school year. For parents of elementary school kids, this means ensuring they have everything they need to start the school year off well. We’ve compiled a full list of elementary school kids’ must-have back-to-school items to help you stay organized and ensure your kids are ready for the first day of school. It’s important to note that most schools will provide many of these materials, but it is always nice to know that your child is prepared. Let’s dive in!


Every grade school student needs a sturdy backpack. Look for one with enough room for books, notes, and other important things.


Elementary school kids can write down their thoughts, do their homework, and take notes in wide-ruled or primary-ruled journals.

Loose-leaf paper:

Having loose-leaf paper on hand for projects, assignments, and homework that may need different sheets is important.

Pencils and erasers:

No. 2 Pencils and erasers are the best tools for writing, drawing, and taking tests for elementary school kids.


Older elementary school students may start using pens, so make sure their supply list includes blue or black pens.


Bright and colorful crayons are a must if you want your child to be creative, finish drawing projects, and show off their artistic side.

Colored pencils:

Colored pencils let you color more precisely and are great for more detailed tasks or artwork.


Washable markers are great for a wide range of projects, art activities and giving tasks a pop of color.

Highlighters are helpful tools for students who need to draw attention to important parts of their textbooks, notes, or study guides.

Sticks of glue:

Washable glue sticks are essential for arts and crafts projects, sculptures, and projects that require putting things together.


You need child-safe scissors to cut paper, make crafts, and do other hands-on tasks.


You need a ruler with both inches and centimeters to measure, draw straight lines, and do math or geometry homework.

Pencil case or pouch:

A pencil case or pouch is a neat and tidy way to store pens, pencils, erasers, and other small things.


Pocket folders help students keep their papers in order, making it easier for them to find their tasks and turn them in.


Elementary kids may want to have a simple calculator to help them with their math homework, depending on their grades.

Some schools may require specific art materials like watercolors, paintbrushes, or construction paper. Check to see if you need to bring anything else.

Tissues and hand sanitizer:

Put a small pack of tissues and a travel-sized hand sanitizer in your child’s bag to encourage good hygiene.

Agenda or planner:

An agenda or planner can help students stay organized, manage their time, and keep track of their homework, tests, and extracurricular events.

Bonus Note!!! – Please remember to put your child’s name on all hats, jackets, lunch boxes, and water bottles. 

As the back-to-school season comes, it’s important to make sure your elementary school kids have all the supplies they need for a good start to the year. This long list has everything an elementary student usually needs: backpacks, notebooks, pencils, and art tools. Check with your child’s school or teacher to see if there are any other needs for their classroom. By giving these tools to your young students, you’re setting them up for a great and successful school year.



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