Grade 1 Mid Module 1 Practice Test Eureka Math

Gr2 EM Mod 1 Practice Test
Test Practice Grade 1 Mid Module 1 .pdf

Grade 1 Module 1 covers Geometry and Measurement Word Problems

This worksheet was created so students could practice for their Mid Module 1 Eureka Math test.  We hope you find it helpful. 


Grade 1 Common Core Math Standards Covered in Module 1 

Add and subtract within 20.
1.OA.C.5 | 1.OA.C.6

Operations & Algebraic Thinking
1.OA.A.1 | 1.OA.B.3 | 1.OA.B.4 | 1.OA.C.5 | 1.OA.C.6 | 1.OA.D.7 | 1.OA.D.8

Represent and solve problems involving addition and subtraction.

Understand and apply properties of operations and the relationship between addition and subtraction.
1.OA.B.3 | 1.OA.B.4

Work with addition and subtraction equations.
1.OA.D.7 | 1.OA.D.8Module 7 



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