Counting Coin Totals – Money

Counting Coin Totals - Money Worksheet

Use this worksheet to help your child learn how to count money (USD). 

Here are some ideas to help teach children how to count money:

1. Show your child the various US coins. These include pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters (which are worth 25 cents).

2. Show them how to count coins by reading their values. Pennies are worth one cent, nickels five cents, dimes ten cents, and quarters 25 cents.

3. Use examples like “three pennies are worth three cents” or “two nickels are worth ten cents” to assist the kid in grasping coin values.

4. Once they knows coin values, they can practice counting by adding them up. They would add the values of a penny, nickel, and dime to get 16 cents.


5. As a child gets more comfortable counting coins, you may introduce the notion of money by showing them how to exchange coins for bills (like one-dollar bills) and make purchases with coins and bills.


Grade often used by:

1st Grade | 2nd Grade | 3rd Grade


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