Divide Rectangles Into Equal Parts

Divide Rectangles into Equal Parts

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2nd grade students are required to practice geometry and fractions by dividing rectangles into equal parts.  Students learn to draw lines to divide a rectangle into equal parts.

How to divide a rectangle into equal parts with lines:
To divide a rectangle into (fourths) four even pieces:
1. Draw a line through the middle of the rectangle from top to bottom to cut it in half. This will make two equal-sized smaller rectangles.
2. Draw a line from top to bottom right in the middle of the two rectangles you made.

Common Core Standard:


It’s a little trickier to divide rectangles into (thirds) three equal parts.

To divide a rectangle into thirds, you will need to carefully measure or judge where on third (1/3) of the will need to be divided. 

It’s best to use a ruler. 

Measure the length or the width of the rectangle. 

Divide this measurement by 3 and that is the measurement where you need to draw the first line to cut the rectangle into 3 equal parts. 

You measure this same amount from the first line in order to draw the second line. 

For example:  If the rectangle is 6 inches wide.  Divide 6 by 3.  The answer is 2. So the first line will be drawn two inches from the side you originally measures that was 6 inches and the 2nd line will be drawn 4 inches away. 



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