Learning about Place Value #1

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What do kids need to know about place value?

Place value is an important math concept that helps students figure out how much each digit in a number is worth. When working with bigger numbers, students need to understand place value. This helps them understand the value of each digit and how it affects the value of the whole number.

Here are some key ideas about place value that kids need to know:

How much a digit is worth depends on where it is in a number. In the number 123, for example, the 1 is worth 100 (1 x 100), the 2 is worth 10 (2 x 10), and the 3 is worth 1. (3 x 1).

As you move to the left in a number, each digit gets more important. In the number 123, for example, the value of the 1 is 100, the 2 is 10, and the 3 is 1.


Using place value, you can compare and rank numbers. Using place value, you can compare the numbers 123 and 456. The place value of the 4 in 456 is 400, which is more than the place value of the 1 in 123, which is 100. Because of this, 456 is bigger than 123.

You can also round numbers by using place value. For example, to round the number 123 to the nearest tens place, you would look at the digit in the ones place (3). If the number is less than five, round down to 120. If the number is 5 or more, round it up to 130.

Kids need to use place value to compare, sort, and round numbers to learn this vital math concept and feel more comfortable with it. is happy to provide this worksheet, and others, to help kids practice this important 2nd-grade concept. 


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