Telling Time Write in the Hands Worksheet #2

How to read and analog clock?

I always try to teach kids how to read the clock on the wall early in the school year because once they learn it, they no longer ask, “What time is it?” Learning this skill early gives kids time to practice at reading the clock before it comes up in our math book later in the year. 

An analog clock displays the time using hands on a dial and a mechanical or electronic mechanism. 

Here are the steps to read an analog clock:

Consider the hour hand’s location. The hour hand on the clock face indicates the hour.

Examine the minute hand’s position. The minute hand on the clock face points to the minute.

Determine the time by looking at the hour and minute hands. For example, if the hour hand is pointing at the 12 and the minute hand is pointing at the 6, the time is 12:06.

If the minute hand is between two numerals, you can approximate the time by measuring the space between the hands. For example, if the minute hand is between the numbers 6 and 7, the time is around 6:30.


Grade often used by:

1st Grade | 2nd Grade | 3rd Grade


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