Telling Time Write in the Hands Worksheet #4

Analog or digital watch face?

The decision is easy if you don’t know how to read an analog clock.  Personally I go back and forth.  I have a Samsung Galaxy watch which I love, and I often change the watch face around to suit my mood. 

A digital clock employs numerals on a digital display, such as an LED or LCD screen, while an analog clock uses hands on a dial to tell the time. When I was a kid I used to thing using a digital clock was like cheating on a time test. 

Analog and digital clocks show time differently. Analog clocks are classic, while digital clocks are modern and technological.

Both analog and digital clocks have pros and cons. I just read a blog post that said analog clocks were easier to read and digital clocks were more accurate.  Ummm … no.  

Analog or digital clocks rely on personal preference and the situation. I hope you find the worksheet useful.

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