Telling Time Write in the Hands

Why learn to tell time on an analog clock?

Learning to tell time on an analog clock is a valuable skill that can assist people in better understanding and navigating their daily calendars and appointments. 

Analog clocks, which display the time in numerical form rather than on a classic clock face with hour, minute, and second hands, can give a more straightforward manner of portraying the passage of time than digital clocks.

Additionally, learning to tell time on an analog clock can help people enhance their capacity to comprehend and analyze visual information and their spatial thinking skills. 

It can also help them strengthen their mental math skills, as they may need to calculate how many minutes have passed since a certain time or how much time is left for a specific event. 

Overall, learning how to tell time on an analog clock is a vital and practical ability that may help people in various situations.

Grade often used by:

1st Grade | 2nd Grade | 3rd Grade


Math | Measurement and Data |


Common Core State Standard:



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