The Expanded Form of Number Worksheet

Why learn about the expanded form of numbers?

In math, it’s important to teach kids about expanded form because it helps them understand the value of each digit in a number. In expanded form, a number is written as the sum of its digits, each of which is multiplied by its place value. For instance, the number 356 can be written as 300 plus 50 plus 6.

Grade often used by:

1st Grade | 2nd Grade | 3rd Grade


Math | Measurement and Data | Place Value


Common Core State Standard:


If you teach kids about expanded form, they can:

Develop their understanding of place value. The expanded form helps kids learn the value of each digit in a number, which is a crucial place value concept.

Improve their mental math skills: When kids understand expanded form, they can break up numbers into smaller parts, making adding and subtracting easier.

Help them learn how the base-10 number system works: Expanded form helps kids understand how the base-10 number system works, which is essential for learning more advanced math concepts.

Overall, teaching kids about expanded form can help them build a strong foundation in math and prepare them for more advanced math concepts.