How Make Schoology Look Nice

How to make buttons for schoology on the homepage of your course

It doesn’t take much at all to create these buttons but it’s not super intuitive.  I had to search around the internet to learn how to do this when I first got started.

Step 1:  Click Add Materials Then Click Page

Step 2: Give your page a title

Step 3 Insert Content and Pick an Image

 Step 4: Press Attach File, Find and Select Your Image, and Press Open

You now have an image on the page

Step 5: Click the Image, then Click the Link Button.  Insert a link

Step 6: Press Display on New Page and Press Create


 Congratulations you are done.  


Many of the tutorials on how to create these buttons use Google Docs and get really involved. I even know teachers who have bought premade buttons, and banners with directions on how to add them to Schoology from  

When I was first trying to figure out how to do this it was a bit intimidating.  If I want to make nice for a banner image.  I go use  If you search for Google Classroom Header, they have some nice-looking headers you can use or I might find an image I like from a site like or and upload the image to 

To make clickable buttons I go to and Press the button that says, “Custom size”, then I put in a size usually width of 150px and height of 150px, and press create design.  I keep the background color the same as the page color is in Schoology so it blends in.  Next, I go to elements select the shape I want, style it, and download it to my computer as a .jpg or .png. Finally, I go through the steps above to add the button to Schoology.  


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