How to Use Google Voice for Teachers

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I strongly advise teachers to make use of Google Voice. In our classes at my school, we do not have access to telephones. If we need to contact our students’ parents, we are urged to do so from the office. Office phones are frequently utilized in situations when there is no place to sit or any privacy for the caller during the conversation.

The majority of instructors I know use their cell phones to make phone calls to their students. Many parents have expressed dissatisfaction with their children for calling or texting at strange hours, expecting a response.

Google Voice takes care of the majority of these issues, and it is completely free. You may choose from a variety of phone numbers to associate with your Google Voice account once you have signed up for the service. You may make calls using your new number by visiting voice.google.com or by using the Google Voice app, which is available for download. It’s a really straightforward application to use.

Simply navigate to Google Voice and enter the phone number you wish to call. I have my Google Voice number configured so that all incoming calls are sent to voicemail immediately. This voicemail is then converted into text and forwarded to me via email as soon as it is received.

Towards the beginning of the school year, I inform parents that I make outgoing phone calls using Google Voice. I utilize ClassDojo.com to provide parents with my phone number and inform them that if they receive a call from this number, it is most likely from me. It is also important to inform them that the phone number is not available for return calls, but that they may leave a message at the number, text the Google Voice number, or use ClassDojo to reach me instead.

I’ve discovered that it’s best to establish boundaries with parents at the start of the school year. I assist them in realizing that while strong communication between us is essential, I also have a personal life at home and am not always available for them to call on. Every weekday, I check my messages twice: first thing in the morning and again at the end of the day. The process of checking for Google Voice messages is similar to that of checking my email. I also check my ClassDojo.com communications on a regular basis. The majority of my communication with parents is done through ClassDojo, although Google Voice is also useful.

The only disadvantage I can see with Google Voice is that it will not function with the email account associated with my school district. It is necessary for it to work that I use my personal Gmail account; as a result, I must check my personal email for messages rather than my professional email.

You should use Google Voice if you’re a teacher or work in any sector where you have to make phone calls and don’t want your phone number to be shared with others.