Grade 2 Mid Module 5 Eureka Math Practice Test

MMA Practice Test Mod 5 Gr2
Download Test Mid Module 5 Practice Test Eureka Math Grade 2

Practice Test for the End of Module 2 – Grade 2 Eureka Math

This is a practice test for Grade 2 Mid Module 5 Practice exam This exam’s problems are similar to those in the Eureka Math Module 5 test. Practicing with these problems should help students prepare for the actual test.


The Mid Module 5 Test happens after Topic B Lesson 12. It covers standards 2.NBT.B.7, 2.NBT.B.8, 2.NBT.B.9

The first part of Module 5 is all about practicing adding and subtracting. 

Topic A is about adding and taking away numbers with place values inside 1,000. (2.NBT.B.7). Students connect 100 to adding and taking away 100. (2.NBT.B.8). They add and take away numbers that are multiples of 100. (for example, for 650 – 300, they begin with 300 and think, “300 more takes me to 600, and 50 more gets me to 650, so… 350”). Students make adding and taking away easier. They use the create-a-ten method to make a hundred by mentally separating one addend to make a hundred with the other (299 + 6 becomes 299 + 1 + 5, or 300 + 5, which equals 305), and they use compensation to subtract from three-digit numbers (376 – 59, add 1 to each, 377 – 60 = 317). Students discuss and critique addition and subtraction problem solutions. Throughout the topic, students explain their answers using language about place value and operations (2.NBT.B.9).


Within 1,000, students build and break down tens and hundreds, building on Topics B and C from Module 4. (2.NBT.B.7). Students often use place value reasoning and operational characteristics to describe their work.



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