Grade 3 End of Module 7 Practice Test Eureka Math

Gr2 EM Mod 1 Practice Test
Test Practice Grade 3 End of Module 7 .pdf

Module 7 covers Geometry and Measurement Word Problems

This worksheet was created so students could practice for their math test.  We hope you find it helpful. 

Module 7  Standards: 3.OA.D.8, 3.G.A.1, 3.MD.B.4, 3.MD.D.8

The topics include:

Topic A: Solving Word Problems

Topic B: Attributes of Two-Dimensional Figures

Topic C: Problem Solving with Perimeter

Mid Module

Topic D: Recording Perimeter and Area Data on Line Plots

Topic E: Problem Solving with Perimeter and Area

End Of Module Test

Topic F: Year in Review

Topics A – C are all covered on the Mid Module Test.  The End of Module Test covers these topics and adds Topics D and E. 

In Module 6 students created a line plots.  Now line plots are used in Module 7 Topic D to help students figure out perimeter and area (3.MD.B.4).  Early on in the topic, students use what they know about rectangles to find their perimeters and areas to help them.  Students will need to use their addition and multiplication skills to find the perimeter and area of different shapes successfully.

Students learn that Line graphs show how many squares each student counted for each piece of information.  Students use line charts to look at their data.  Students use their rectangles on grid paper to show what they think.  For rectangles with the same area, the perimeters of those with equal or nearly equal side lengths (more square-like) are less than those with very different side lengths (a long and narrow shape).


By the end of Module 7, students should realize that area and perimeter are entirely different.  Shapes of the same size can have the same area but different perimeters. 


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