Grade 2 Module 4 End Practice Test Eureka Math

EOMA Practice Test Mod 4 Gr2x300
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Practice Test for the End of Module 2 – Grade 2 Eureka Math

Mr. S made this Grade 2 Module 4 Practice test for his students.  The problems in this test are similar to those in the Eureka Math Module 4 test.  Practicing with these problems should help prepare students to take the actual test.   


Module 4 has students study different methods of solving addition and subtraction.  These methods can include decomposing to add, aligning numbers vertically, using expanded form, and the arrow method amongst others.  It is helpful to understand these methods. 


You can learn more about these various methods by watching the videos for each the different lessons in Module 4.

There are several ways to add and subtract, including:

Traditional algorithms: These are the methods for addition and subtraction that are most commonly taught in schools, such as carrying and borrowing.

Mental math is the use of basic arithmetic facts and problem-solving strategies to solve problems without using paper and pencil.

Number lines: This method involves performing addition and subtraction using a visual representation of numbers, such as moving right or left on a number line to add or subtract.

Counting on and counting back: To find the sum or difference, count on or back from a larger number.

Partitioning and compensation: This method entails breaking a number into smaller parts and recombining them in order to make mental calculations easier.

Algebraic methods: These involve solving addition and subtraction problems using algebraic equations.