Lessons By Common Core Standards

Lessons by Common Core Standard

What are the Common Core Standards?

They are grade-level English/language arts and math skills kids should have by high school. They are an overview of learning expectations that instructors or district administrators might use to create a curriculum.

What is happening with Common Core Standards Today?

Today (December 2022), forty-one states use the Common Core Standards. Many teachers are using the requirements to deepen their instruction. These standards form the basis of what students are required to learn in school.  Teachers often are encourage to teach to learning standard rather than to what is in the text book.  Instructional text books have been designed with the Common Core Standards in mind.  The standards guide the curriculum. 

What is state educational benchmark standards testing?

Twenty-Three states that have adopted the Common Core learning standards have also opted to use the Smaller Balanced Tests to measure students’ performance in a way that is compared against other states who have also adopted the Common Core Standards.


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